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The Photo Guestbook April 6, 2008

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A very cute idea for a guestbook…The guestbook sits with a Polaroid instant camera, so people can take pictures to go along with their well wishes.  Sounds more fun to me than a book with a list of names and “Best Wishes on your Special Day!”


Maggie Sottero! Ole! March 10, 2008

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Everyone go check out Maggie Sottero. I’m quite sure I can’t afford any of these dresses, but I can’t wait to try some on!







And my absolute favorites:

This one:

and this one:


We have a location!!! March 6, 2008

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The Loft and Chapel at Cedar Ridge

 The pictures don’t really do it justice, though.  It’s really cute and rustic and perfect!  We also  have a date:  September 20, 2008.  It’s finally starting to sink in…I’m getting married!


bar decoration December 20, 2007

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I like the idea of floating candles….

“Since the bar at your reception will be a hub of activity, dress it up, but don’t clutter the surface: Try scattering floating candles in glass holders and bowls, or place a pair of graphic-print table lamps at either end, acting as “bookends” and providing pools of light.”



Bridesmaids NOT from 1982 December 13, 2007

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On the subject of bridesmaid dresses, I’ve found some gorgeous ones.  Dresses that don’t look like bits of candy, or holiday decorations, or a big hair 80’s revival.  From the Ann Taylor Celebrations collection.


I’d decided on truffle/ espresso brown as my main color almost immediately, and these dresses are exactly what I’d imagined for my bridesmaids.


on magazines and bridesmaids dresses. December 12, 2007

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I have to admit, I love a good magazine.  I subscribe to about six, and often buy more throughout the year.  I have only bought one wedding magazine so far — the Martha Stewart one.  Why?  They just look so…saccharine.  Pink fluffly clouds and little blue bridesmaids all in a row.  And speaking of that, seriously?  How can there still be so many ugly bridesmaid dresses out there?

 For example, I googled “bridesmaid dresses” and clicked on the Macy’s link.  The first page included the likes of this:


and this:


Um, yuck?  My friends would disown me if I said, “Hey guys, how about I turn you into a shiny blue puffball for my wedding?  With shiny blue flowers!”  No?  “Well, how ’bout we revisit the Dynasty years with a little see through top?”


“A Christmas tree ornament?”

No, huh?


“A lumpy stick of bubble yum?”

Le sigh.


the ring December 11, 2007

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For those of you who haven’t seen…I’m posting a picture of my ring, isn’t it pretty?

111607 021